Hormone Replacement Therapy Westchester County, NY


Dr. Timothy Morley

“People don’t grow old. They become old when they stop growing.”
– Dr. Timothy Morley, Medical Director, Tomorrow Medicine

As Medical Director of Tomorrow Medicine, Dr. Timothy Morley devotes his practice to preventing and treating tomorrow’s medical problems today. “Hormones control everything,” and through a program of in-depth testing, expert analysis, and medical counseling, Dr. Morley addresses the root causes of your symptoms including low energy, sleep disturbance, foggy thinking, moodiness, low libido, hot flashes, and weight gain, among many others.

Dr. Morley is a board-certified physician and hormone expert with one of the largest and most advanced integrative practices in Manhattan and Westchester County. He specializes in disease treatment and prevention through individualized programs combining extensive patient assessment, hormone balancing, customized nutrition counseling and fitness regimens.

“I focus on natural healing therapies but also use medication, including bioidentical hormones, when appropriate. It has been my experience that bioidenticals are far safer and of superior quality to many of the fake, manufactured medications prevalent in the medical culture.” 

Dr. Timothy Morley

In addition, he offers pharmaceutical grade supplementation when necessary and a broad selection of IV therapies including nutrition, cancer support, and chelation. With his background and expertise Dr. Morley is able to assist patients in eliminating the imbalances, deficiencies, and toxicities plaguing their bodies, thereby optimizing their health and adding vitality to their lives.

“Health isn’t just the absence of disease, which is something that too many mainstream healthcare professionals seem to forget.”

“Much of disease treatment and prevention is tied to lifestyle and diet. Obesity is an epidemic in this country and the leading cause of many chronic and deadly diseases. I am proud to offer my patients the most advanced and effective weight loss program lead by our expert nurses. We as a team focus on why individual patients are holding onto extra weight and how those individuals can best lose the weight to become their healthiest and optimal selves.”

Dr. Morley received his medical degree at the Ohio University College of Medicine, whereupon he entered an emergency medicine residency at South Point Hospital in Cleveland, now part of the Cleveland Clinic Health System. He is board certified in Functional, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine as well as Pain Management. He also has a degree in law and is a member of several medical organizations including the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, The American Medical Society.

“I dedicate my practice to helping my patients find relief from the imbalances in their bodies that are causing a myriad of symptoms and diminishing their quality of life. I rely on an integrative combination of in-depth diagnostics and disease screening along with expert analysis, natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, customized nutritional counseling and fitness regimens, IV vitamin and chelation therapies, and pharmaceutical-grade supplementation. This holistic and personalized approach helps patients on the journey to becoming their optimal selves. I believe that an individual, customized wellness program tailored to the unique needs of each patient is the best way to approach health care and to help all my patients live their lives to the fullest.”

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